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[Golden Haired Merchant Girl]
Nothing in this world can stop us tonight.
I think there's something wrong.

I can't put my finger on it, but something on board is totally off lately.

I'm not sure what to do, really, but I should do something.

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...Oh well.

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When we were in port the other day, we managed to pick up some fresh food for a stew that we're going to have our cook make tonight. It's something we usually do once in a while, to get a change from salted foods and beans and that sort of stuff. We got some potatoes, turnip, mushrooms, peppers, onions, garlic, a few fresh spices and a litle bit of meat to put in it.

But best of all, we got some tomatoes! ♥

We haven't had tomatoes on board in such a long, long, long time.

So I'm pretty excited.

I wonder if Hanabi likes tomatoes? I just never asked.

If she does, perhaps I can ask the cook to save some and make something special in a days time.

I'd really love something special made with tomatoes.

...Luckily, vegetables aren't fattening. I hope.

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We stopped at a port to stock up on a couple of things today. Just some food, and some liquor, and a few others bits and pieces that we needed so that we can sail on. The boys on board get rowdy with their liquor, but they get rowdy-er without it.

There were some kids hanging around outside of the general store. I gave them the rest of my sweets, and they were pretty happy, but Hanabi gave me a totally weird look. Sort of one of those 'why-did-you-do-that?' kinda impatient looks she gives.

I don't think she likes kids much. Although she's practically a kid herself. But I don't mind them. I wouldn't mind having a couple some day, once I settle down, but I don't think she quite feels the same.

I wouldn't even think of it until I settle down officially. Not that I think Hanabi has any interest in giving up our current work.

Traveling around, or waiting for your parents to come home on 'leave' once every couple of months, is no way to grow up.

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Hii~ ♥

Ino-mun here. I'm Amie, and I'll be playing the lovely Yamanaka. And am quite happy to be doing so. You can find all of her character information in the first post in this journal (entire application, in fact) and some other little facts and history bits in her profile.

In short, she's Hyuuga Hanabi's first mate aboard The Bloody Lass. She works for the Hyuuga Clan, which isn't affilated with either the East Company or the pirates. They just make deals and backstab as it suits them. Though she works for them, she's unsure where her true loyalty lies in the long term. She only knows that she's true to Hanabi, she's not fond of the EITC, and she hates pirates.

Currently, she's just sailing around with Hanabi and their crew on Hyuuga Hizashi's command.

I think that's about all, for now. At best, I can use this post as a means of communication with other players; if you have any questions, requests, plot ideas, etc, then fire away. This is the place to do it, if you can't catch me on AIM. Which, by the way, feel free to message me on whenever I'm signed in. :D I'm usually up for logging and whatever else.

Also, Shikamaru-mun, could we chat perhaps a little? We should probably plot out some of the Ino-Shika-Cho background. I'm sure we can work something up.

Last, I should mention that I'm graduating high school in about two weeks time. So I'm going to be fairly busy with exams coming this Monday, through to Friday. Then prom and graduation. But after those events, I'll be pretty much 100% free. Except for potential work. And a concert in mid-July. 8D

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And now I'm truly done.

Glad to be playing here and can't wait to meet you all and get some roleplaying done! :DDD

P.S: Once upon a time, I used this journal for bsuni, which I think I actually recognize a couple of you from so if I'm not mistaken, then hay~ ♥

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Posting my full application for reference purposes.

Yamanaka Ino: Application~Collapse )

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