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[Golden Haired Merchant Girl]

Nothing in this world can stop us tonight.

Ino Yamanaka
23 September
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THE MAN-EATER// Yamanaka Ino
All you crazy people come on jump around

Age: Twenty-one.
Birthday: September 23rd.
Family: Inoichi & Mikomi Yamanaka (deceased).
Blood Type: B.
Status: Single.
Height: 5'7"
Weight: None of your business~ ♥
Eyes: Aqua.
Hair: Blonde.
Ethnicity: Japanese/British.
Medical Info: Nothing outstanding currently.
Physical traits: Various little scars, none very distinguishable, except for a medium sized burn scar along her right thigh, acquired during the fire that destroyed her home. Always wears a small silver hoop earring in her left ear.
Talents/abilities: She's rather physically fit, and can hold her own in fights of any type, from gun, sword, to plain old fists. She's great with words, coercion, seduction, and many other methods of getting her way or getting herself out of trouble.

Kidnap?: You can try. No promise you'll succeed.
Noncon?: Go for it, but let's discuss first.
Angst?: God yes.
Attack?: Same rules as noncon, please.
Maim?: I'll think about it, but I currently can't see why not, once we're into the game a bit.
Kill?: I'd rather not anytime soon.
Het, yaoi, yuri?: Maybe, no, and yes. Though I think Hanabi-mun and I have a plan for a relationship, it doesn't mean Ino's not 110% open to flirtation.
Rating?: Any at all. Nothing bugs me much.

Any other notes?: Nothing in particular. If you have any questions, just shoot. I'm very open-minded for any sort of plot, interaction, etc and so on. And I'm friendly, promise.

I want to see you all on your knees, knees

Likes;; Shopping, Gambling, Having Money to Spare, Sweet Foods, Pudding, Tomatoes, Fun, Girls, Flowers & Flower Arranging, Parties, Drinking, London, Traveling, Sailing, Fresh Air, Purple, Swords, Business, Peppermint, Night Time, Relaxing.

Dislikes;; Oppression, Difficult Work, Noise/Fuss, Annoying People, Perverts, Lazy People, Lack of Sleep, Being Insulted/Underestimated, Boring Places, Getting Up Too Early, Being Used, Sour Food, Sexism, Cheaters, Losing Card Games, Death, Betrayal, Pirates, The East Indian Trading Company, Being Sick.

You either want to be with me, or be me

Ino is employed by the Hyuuga clan, a clan independent from both the trading company or the pirates, but making deals with both and breaking them whenever it suits them. Her true alliance is to the crew of The Bloody Lass and her captain, Hanabi Hyuuga (thebloodylass). Originally, Ino's family was associated with the trading company, but that link is no longer accurate, as she is the only currently surviving Yamanaka.

After two years of marriage, Mikomi and Inoichi Yamanaka had a little girl, whom they named Ino; after her father, whom she looked so much like. Ino Yamanaka spent the early part of her life growing up with her mother and father along the seashore of the British colony, Port Royal. Ino was an only child, and had no siblings, nor family to speak of other than her parents. Very rarely was Ino's father present, as he was employed with the East Indian Trading Company, and spent a majority of his time at sea. Her mother ran a small flower shop on shore, and spent a majority of her time running the store, and attempting to teach her daughter to help out with the business.

When Ino was fourteen, her life took a change for the worst.

[History & Such continued in this post.]

Come on man

[Yamanaka Ino character journal for eternalsea, played by pyratesss. Masashi Kishimoto owns Ino, and the Naruto series. I only wish I did.]

[Yamanaka Ino played by Kirsten Dunst.]

[Layout for info by thesebullets.]

[Icons by various people.]

[Mood theme credit fefferman.]

Wish you never ever met her at all